the endless pool

We are based at Coombs Wood Park, Halesowen, Birmingham. Located in the heart of the West Midlands , (just 2 mins from J2 &3 of the M5) Swimgainz is ideally situated to welcome anyone locally or from further afield wishing to further their swimming experience.


With a top end speed of 63 seconds per 100 meters, Swimgainz high performance endless pool offers the facility to be bespoke to each individual swimmer and their development. Using a state of the art camera system located both in and out the pool the swimmer will enjoy real time video analysis and instant feedback as well as continual communication through our wireless, bone conduction head sets . 

After your training session, you will leave with a copy of your swimming videos, and a clear summary of your key focus areas.

Common faults we can help you fix:


low lying legs

Sinking legs when swimming freestyle is usually due to a number of differing factors such as 

- a weak core, your head position or even your breath contol.

With our video analysis we will be able to correct your body positioning.


Correct breathing technique is vital to maintain a good body alignment whilst swimming.


Whether you want to practice your open water sighting or bilateral breathing, using our endless pool is a perfect opportunity to focus on this one important aspect whilst swimming in one place.

arm position

We often get many questions regarding the arm position especially during freestyle. Some common faults are - early entry, short finish or dropping the elbow position.

Swimming technique in all stokes takes time and practice to hone your skills. Using the endless pool and video analysis you will be able to see it clearly for yourself and instantly act on our guidance. 

body position

Body roll is the big one when it comes to causing swimmer’s shoulder injury. For example, too much body roll can cause the hand to drift across the mid-line during entry, placing the shoulder at a disadvantage.


If this sounds like a typical problem for you, then our video analysis along with our guidance might be a great way to help you see what needs to change and prevent any typical shoulder injuries.

about us

With over 30 years competitive experience in both pool and open water swimming, Swimgainz has been developed to provide coaching, technical analysis and development for anyone with a desire to learn and improve.


Whether you are a triathlete, open water swimmer, competitive swimmer or someone who just wants develop their swimming technique, Swimgainz can offer coaches who have extensive knowledge and experience to support you . 


Both Ryan and Josh have swam at National and International level and have more recently enjoyed the world of open water swimming, culminating in Ryan being a proud member of the 'Big Rick’s 4 Way Channel Relay Team' in 2018. The team of 6 were the first from Great Britain and Europe to complete this monumental feat. 


Alongside this experience both are fully qualified Level 2 Swim England Coaches . Both volunteer their time coaching at Halesowen swimming club and Josh also provides his expertise to the University of Birmingham swimming squad. 




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What are your opening times?

We are open from 7am - 9pm

including weekends.

You can book your time slots using

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Bring what you normally would to a swimming pool. E.g swimsuit, goggles,  towel, flip flops.

A swimming hat and pre swim shower are mandatory to help us preserve the clarity and quality of the pool water. 

 You are more than welcome to

bring your wetsuit along as well as swimming equipment such as a pull buoys, Kick board and paddles. 


Of course! We have a comfy seating area for spectators. However, due to COVID, please only arrive with 2 people maximum.

We also have a self service tea and coffee making service on site.


a session?

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You can pay for a one off session during 'Peak' or 'Off Peak' times, or you can book a package deal of

3 x sessions or 5 x sessions.

Payments for individual sessions require a £20 deposit paid online with the balance paid on the day. Payments for block packages of 3/5 sessions require paying when booking online.


We have two dedicated parking bays which are free for our customers to use.