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Who Are We

What's The Academy ABout?


If you wish to be added to our waiting list please fill out the form below



The Academy will only consist of a maximum of 60 swimmers.

                         Membership is based on a commitment of 12 months from January 2024 - December 2024.

Please note that this is only available to swimmers aged between 10-17 (as of the 31/12/2024). 

Due to high demand, there may be a waiting list >>> however we will let you know as soon as possible if a place becomes available. It's important to know that our criteria is not based on the best performing swimmers, but for those that we know of and who have demonstrated a great, positive attitude to learning, and a desire to develop as a swimmer and an athlete.

Swimmers will be divided into two squads. The squads will alternate start times every session. The first session will run from 12pm -2pm. The second session will begin at 2pm and run until 4pm. We will try to accommodate requests  to change times due to individual circumstances but keeping the squad sizes equal is important to us.

* If you previously applied please note that a new application is needed to secure a place with us.

"Our vision is to help all swimmers develop the skills needed

to become the best swimmer they can possibly be"


We believe that there are core fundamental skill sets, which we will introduce or continue to develop through coaching you throughout the year. We aim to cover all bases, not only stroke techniques but also race specifics such as startsturnsfinishesrelay takeoversunderwater skills and breakouts . We will also help with race strategy by guiding you in creating and executing your race plans.


Goal setting and visualisation are important parts of any athletes journey. Enabling these to create a clearer vision of the future in line with our version of the Optimal Athlete Development Framework (OADF), is very important to us.

Swimmers will be expected to wear our bone conduction headsets during the pool sessions. We strongly believe they play an integral part in us delivering on our vision.


As part of the monthly subscription, swimmers will receive:


  •  2 x Pool Sessions each month, at the prestigious Sandwell Aquatics Centre (25m). This will be on Sundays between 12pm & 4pm. (The dates for these will be set to try and avoid major swimming competitions such as Counties, Regionals and Nationals. We will aim to give you 6-8 weeks advance notice to help you plan ahead)

  • Access to a weekly comprehensive S&C program with our partner Oxolt Performance

  • Detailed Race Analysis >>> including a comprehensive breakdown, video recap and feedback

  • Future access to Nutritionist professionals to provide a fully rounded approach to your journey

  • Swimgainz Academy Kit (Poolside Shirt, Shorts and Swim Cap)

  • Access to Coached Open Water Sessions through the warmer months

  • 10% off Swimgainz Merchandise


What's the cost?

The monthly subscription cost is £55 per swimmer

Please note the published dates for January and February. Due to counties we are limited to dates we can offer and we are aware that 2 dates potentially clash with Worcestershire long distance events and Staffordshire weekend 2. We will offer an extra Sunday at some point for those wishing to make up sessions. 

Get On The List

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